How do You Pack a Desktop Computer?

pack a computer

It’s daunting to pack a desktop computer. With all the powerful tablets and laptops available, we’re used to having our electronics mobile. Yet many businesses have to regularly move desktops capable of even more processing power. How can you safely pack a computer? Make sure you first measure every element…

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How to Ship a Guitar

Ship a Guitar

It’s nerve racking to think about shipping musical instruments. There are so many elements you need to make safe and if even one of them breaks, the instrument can be ruined. How can you pack a guitar safely for shipping, and how should you ship a guitar? We’ve got some…

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From Models to Foundries: 6 Tips for Shipping Sculptures

shipping sculptures

You have to be particularly careful when shipping sculptures. This is true whether you’re shipping full size sculptures or scaled down plasticine maquettes. On top of shipping something that’s already fragile and built with fragile extensions, you also have to worry about temperature. Clay and plasticine can melt in the…

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6 Tips for Shipping Paintings

shipping paintings

Maybe it will hang in someone’s front hall. Maybe it will be in a home’s hallway or TV room. A piece of art helps any space feel more interesting and comfortable. There’s just one problem. You need to ship paintings to get them there, and this means you’ve got to…

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How to Pack Antique Glassware

antique glassware

When you ship antique glassware, you can be biting your fingernails the entire time. You’re shipping rare objects that have survived from bygone eras. They’re breakable, they’re fragile, they need to be handled with caution and care. Half of the solution to resting easy when you ship antique glassware is…

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Shipping During a Hurricane

We’ve had our fair share of hurricanes lately and it’s been rough. Our hearts are with those affected and still recovering. We want to answer a question about what happens to shipping during a hurricane – particularly maritime shipping. Is your cargo safe during a hurricane? Planes, Trains, and Large…

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Protect Your Car When Shipping Overseas

We’ll treat your car as well as it can possibly be treated when shipping your car overseas. So why would we still recommend that you take steps to protect your car when it’s shipped? There are certain things you can do to ensure it’s even safer. There are other things…

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